Industries We Serve

ITAD Recycling for banking and finance


Digital ITAD provides asset decommissioning and destruction services to banking and financial industries throughout North America. We can securely remove sensitive data and efficiently provide recycling services for retired IT equipment. We can make sure that everything is securely wiped to remove all possible data and even offer hard drive destruction services.

ITAD Recycling for government agencies


Digital ITAD can provide no cost computers and electronics recycling services to federal, state, and local government agencies throughout North America. Our procedures follow the US Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards and conform to National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship (NSES) recommendations. Digital ITAD never sends e-waste to landfills or overseas.

ITAD Recycling for Medical Industry


Digital ITAD has the ability to properly decommission both medical equipment and IT equipment from Medical Facilities, Hospitals, Urgent Care facilities, and Doctors’ Offices. We implement special measures in areas of security, compliance, and accountability. Medical facilities and in particular hospitals often employ dozens – even thousands – of workstations, printers, scanners, and other computer equipment. These items often accumulate in vacant offices, rooms, and closets until they are bursting at the seams. Simply palletize this gear and Digital ITAD will it up at no charge. If a recurring pick-up makes sense, our logistics team can make sure your medical facility is never overflowing with scrap computer equipment ever again.

ITAD Recycling for accountants and insurers


Traditionally Accounting firms and Insurance Brokers are very hard on computers and electronics. They often run computers and workstations at their limits well beyond the expected life handling sensitive data that must be properly wiped or destroyed to ensure it’s never exposed. In addition to any fiduciary responsibility, they have to their clients, accounting firms often have face legal requirements to recycle their IT hardware correctly utilizing the latest digital data destruction (data wiping or shredding) processes. Digital ITAD supports the IT recycling needs of the accounting and insurance industries with safe and compliant measures from end-to-end.

ITAD Recycling for Legal Firms & Judicial Services


Digital ITAD recycles IT equipment for attorney offices firms and legal facilities. Law firms face some of the most stringent data safety requirements of any industry. Traditionally, law firms were some of the first companies to manage and maintain their own onsite local private data centers to ensure digital data confidentiality. With the transition to cloud technologies and remote offices, many firms have unused legacy equipment taking up precious real estate space with no place to go. Whatever your legal firm ITAD recycling and disposal needs are, Digital ITAD can handle it. From recycling junk PC equipment to picking up obsolete workstations, laptops, tablets, network equipment, servers and server racks, and other office IT hardware and guarantee the safest data destruction available.

ITAD Recycling for Commercial Real Estate Management


Digital ITAD works with commercial real estate and facilities management companies on both an administrative and commercial basis. We provide on-site pickup services to recycle inner-office computers and peripherals at the company headquarters and satellite offices. We also pickup abandoned office servers, computers, laptops, monitors, printers, etc. that are left over from tenants. We often follow office move-outs following lease expirations or after businesses that have gone bankrupt or just ceased operations leave without taking everything with them.

ITAD Recycling for Media Companies and News Agencies


Wherever your Media company or news agency is based you can rely on the Digital ITAD team team to manage the pickup, data destruction, and recycling of your damaged, old, obsolete, or unwanted IT assets. We also take large format printers, traditional printing equipment, and even aluminum litho sheets. For the larger and more unique gear, we can provide solutions that other ITAD companies are simply unfamiliar with or prepared to do for you.

ITAD Recycling for Manufacturing Companies


Digital ITAD provides IT asset disposition and disposal for the unwanted IT equipment, retired computers and workstations for domestic factories and manufacturers independent of the industry. Whether it’s a legacy mainframe or an outdated server, we offer free pickup services coast-to-coast. We also work with companies to provide reverse logistics for returned computer hardware, parts, and peripherals. The central Digital ITAD location serves as a simple single-facility receiving point for reverse logistics with accountability at very competitive costs.

ITAD Recycling for Schools & Educational Facilities


Digital ITAD helps universities and school districts safely and securely dispose of broken and aged-out computers, laptops, monitors, tablets, and workstations. Whether it’s student hardware or from the administration, we will ensure that the equipment is picked up on time and securely delivered to our recycling facility where the data is safely and securely destroyed. Depending on the location and number of assets, Digital ITAD can offer onsite Chromebooks and Laptop wiping and restoration for a per-item fee as well.

ITAD Recycling for Telecommunication Companies

Telephone and Telecom Companies

Digital ITAD serves the Telephone and Telco industry in many ways. We offer take any and all decommissioned telco equipment including switches, dismantled cell towers, digital office phones, broken, old, and obsolete cell phones, wire, cable, old mainframes, antennas, and anything else that’s of no value to your company. In addition, we provide dock- and curbside pickup of and unwanted company workstations, computer equipment, printers, etc. at no charge. We also provide data center decommission services nationwide.

ITAD Recycling for Data Centers


The Digital ITAD team provides data center decommissioning serves nationwide. Whether it’s a Tier 1 facility or a small in-house rack, our team is prepared to handle whatever your company needs. If you have already shut down the legacy equipment and it is no longer in service, the equipment may become a legal liability, an unnecessary risk or exposure to your company.

If you are closing your data center and need to dispose of your used IT equipment, we can provide the most competitive pricing by developing a revenue-share formula that is equitable and fair to help you get the most competitive price. We can safely remove fully populated racks or remove and disassemble assets and palletize them for shipping. Our data center decom services include hardware storage, asset re-deployment, secure on-site or off-site data destruction, equipment recycling and hardware resale. Digital ITAD also offers relocation services for data centers and handles all aspects of the transfer including secure logistics.

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